We provide a wide range of services for our industrial clients which include:

  • Plant relocation
  • Machine installation  
  • Major and minor machine repairs
  • Machine electrical control upgrades
  • Power and transformation
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • AC/DC motor installation and repairs
  • Motor control designs and repairs 


We repair and install all types of machines used in mass industrial production. Although much of our work involves the printing industry, we specialize in the installation and repairs of all major mass production machines, such as conveyors, process equipment, machine tooling equipment, printing presses including Komori, Heidelberg, Sakuria, and Harris printing presses, UV-Curing Systems, and all other auxiliary equipment used in the printing industry.


The power needs for our industrial customers are typically unique. We assist with designing and building personalized services for our industrial clients. This includes redundant power sources, manual and automatic switching controls, high and low voltage transformers and emergency back-up generators.